Aug 25, 2014

P.N.P.Gerês:Pincães-Pála Dôce-Cachadoiro-Vale das Traves-23.08.2014-Pt

the trekking path in red
first visit to the beautifull Waterfall/Cascata Pincães:

Bosques dos Vidoeiros

 crossing the river of Pincães to the other side
 -Valley/Vale das Traves

 Vale das Traves

Vale das travas-Pala Doce Panorama-Pincães

 time to go down back to Pincães 

Pala Dôce
return to the start of the trail -Pincães

P.N.P.Gerês:Ermida-Bilhares-Chã do Couto-Branda de porto Chão-Louriça1381mts-Btt-22.08.2014-Pt

the track in red :
 early morning awake at dam /barragem Vilarinho das Furnas
 me at Ermida-Serra Amarela
 ponte Bilhares
 Garranos together eating like a team 


looking back to Bilhares
 Chã do Couto 
 enjoying the shade on a very sunny day

 the wolfes are out there...
 Lindoso and Eufemia from the trail 

shit of  Wolf
 Garranos -Serra Amarela
 The best mellon from this summer-no doubt!! 

Lindoso e Eufemia
Valley Homem panorama

Cow at Louriça 
Louriça 1381mts

time to return back
 Choupana-Serra Amarela 
 Prado Chã do Couto
Bilhares panorama

Branda de Bilhares